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Chok Today

Chok’s Story

Chok has lived a prisoned life, being tethered and neglected for years. He was skinny and underfed before joining Pete’s Mission. Ryan visited and treated him on a regular basis until one beautiful morning in January 2019 he rescued Chok…

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Update #9 – Funding nearly there

Another good days work with some great help (Including the assistance of Mr Bob). Work has slowed a little over the past days for further planning and discussions. Please help Pete's Mission make the final sprint to the goal funding,…

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Update #8 – Bob

Update On Bob!! Bob was in terrible condition (Mange) and stumbling through the busy streets of Pai looking for someone to help him, someone to love him. I was previously aware of Bob and had begun treatment in his village.…

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Update #6- $10,621 in 7 days

Hello to my family friends and supporters. I'm so happy to announce that Pete's Mission has raised $10,621 in 7 days. What an incredible achievement and a true credit to everyone for opening their hearts and minds. My little volunteer…

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Update #4 – Mange case

This poor guy to has demodicosis or demodectic mange. This condition is all to common and is part of a viscous cycle of abandonment, isolation, irritation and infection. Yesterday we took a trip down the vet for medication and sound…

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