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Pete’s Mission Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation


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My name is Ryan Godden, I am an animal advocate and rescue worker. After many years of working with established organizations I have made the long-planned move to begin a new animal rescue project here in Northern Thailand and therefore have launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist with this. I am currently self-funding Pete’s Mission and relying on the kindness and generosity of local people here in Pai, Maehongson province. My daily routine of medications, wound treatment, vet visits, and follow-up checks is growing as I receive more phone calls and messages requesting my help or directing me toward an animal in need. Anyone who has been to Thailand would have experienced the stray dog/cat situation. Sick and injured animals roam the streets and breeding goes mostly unchecked, especially in rural regions. No one likes to see this but few have the means to take action. I do and I will. Many of the animals here have terrible skin infections, eye conditions, gaping wounds, anemia, fleas and ticks, bone fractures, and tick-borne diseases just to name a few. Over population and lack of vaccinations has resulted in terrible outbreaks of Distemper and Parvovirus which lead to painful deaths. Most horrifying of all is the human inflicted injuries and planned poisonings that occur. I have seen the devastating and irreversible effects of poisoning and I have responded and cared for animal with unimaginable injuries sustained. Currently I am housing and treating animals in my home as well as providing outreach care to those animals most in need. I am working with the only veterinarian in town and a kind-hearted group of animal advocates, Pai Four-Legged Friends. My goal is to raise $13,550 to cover the following expenses:

Construction – $7,000. Thanks to my friends and supporters at PFLF and a kind animal loving lady an incredible piece of land has become available. Here I can build a much-needed recovery and rehabilitation center to hold 20 plus patients along with a new headquarters for Pete’s Mission. The kind owner of the land has donated a section to use rent free allowing funding to go directly to infrastructure rather than rent bills and bond payments.

Hydrotherapy Pool – $1,000 Central to both physical and emotional rehabilitation is a place to take the weight off and have positive interactions with both humans and other animals. This dog pool will serve several purposes: Hydrotherapy For the rehabilitation of animals recovering from injuries such as limb fractures and spinal damage. Hydrotherapy can change the life of animals otherwise permanently disabled. Environmental enrichment It is very important to provide relief from boredom and provide effective enrichment to distract animals from undesirable behavior. It also encourages social interaction in a neutral unfamiliar environment.

Animal transport – $2,500 A Thai style motorcycle with side carriage attached. This will serve as an economical and functional animal ambulance and transport vehicle. The vehicle will also allow my semi-paralyzed dog King Richard Pictured Right to join the pack on trips to the local water hole and add a new level of enrichment to his life. Read more about King Richard; Muddy Paws Full Hearts. The funds will also fuel and maintain the vehicle for approximately 6 months.

Medical needs – $1,500. Flea and tick prevention, vaccinations, antibiotics, wound dressings and antiseptic solution, medicated shampoo, supplements.

Dog and cat food – $750. As the number of animals in my care grows I estimate this will provide 3-4 months’ supply of dry Kibble and special foods for recovering animals.

Washing machine & refrigerator – $800. The twin tub washing machine pictured is extremely efficient and reliable. They are rust proof and manually controlled. They are durable and simple to maintain. This will be a great luxury and time saver as I currently wash all dog blankets and towels by hand and a fridge/freezer for food and medical storage.

I have built a positive relationship with the community and together we will bring a brighter future for animals in this region. I’m so excited for what is to come and will give all my time, my energy, and my love to Pete’s Mission. Please help spread my campaign as wide as possible by donating, sharing, liking and commenting. Please consider joining me on Pete’s Mission and via ‘GoFundMe’ updates and social media you can see your generosity unfold in real-time and follow my progress. I thank you for viewing my campaign and thank you in advance for what you can do to assist.   Yours Sincerely, Ryan Godden Founder @ Petes Mission. Web: Email:

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