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Lisa’s story 💕

Please meet Lisa – petite yet powerful! Sadly Lisa didn’t have the best start to life as she was born with a deformed front leg and discarded at the garbage dump when she was only tiny. Fierceful as she was Lisa found her own way to a nearby martial arts retreat. Lots of space, funds and people to take care of her – sounds like a good place to be for a handicapped dog, right? But instead of being welcomed Lisa was sent with a handful of students to our sanctuary, they handed us a message that if she returned she would be killed. This seemed unbelievable to us so we called the retreat only to find the ultimatum had indeed been made. What an utter disappointment. Of course we took Lisa under our care and very quickly fell in love with her quirky and loving soul.

Last April the time had come to remove Lisa’s front leg to make her life easier and more comfortable. By that point we were all quite attached to her and nervously awaited her surgery. As expected her surgery went great and since then Lisa has grown so strong! Β In the sanctuary Lisa oversees everyone that comes and goes leaving a trail of cuteness along the way. Now she lives a life of freedom and enjoys every moment of it. There is so much we can learn from innocent animals with simple needs.

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