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These puppies need homes 🐾

We need to find good homes for this supercute litter of puppies. Sadly the mother of Steven, Illy and Claire was hit and killed by a car. Now we need to find loving homes here in Thailand for these pups while they are young. As always we will provide vaccination, sterilisation and follow up medical care when needed. Please don’t forget:  adopting a puppy makes room for us to help more ❤️

Since this is something that happens frequently and we consider a significant part of our rescue work, here is a break down of how Pete’s Mission is able to help.

Thailand is home to millions of street dogs and therefore it happens quite regulary that Pete’s Mission receives information about a new puppy litter in the area. Whenever this happens we’ll make sure to visit the mumma & her babies straight away to see if they are living in a safe spot. If they aren’t: we’ll take them to the sanctuary immediately. For example in the past we have picked up puppies who were underfed, living in a drain pipe, close to big roads or whose mum had been killed like it’s the case with this litter. We’ll always take medical care of mum & her babies and feed them daily, unless of course there are locals living nearby who are taking over this responsibility.

Whenever the pupies are old enough we’ll then ensure to find save homes for them by reaching out to our local community. Pete’s Mission was set up to improve the welfare of stray animals and the most effective way of doing this is by managing the root problem, which is the overpopulation of street animals. This is why we have a spay and neuter programm and sterilize dogs on a weekly basis.

In the past years we have been able to save,  rehome, spay and neuter countless of puppies and we’ll continue to do so. Please consider supporting our vital work since we are the only animal rescue in this area.

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