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Carmen & the drain pipe puppies

Please meet our latest addition to the pack. About a month ago we rescued a beautiful puppy litter. Carmen (or as Gill likes to call her “Mama Carmencita”) was spotted on a main road in January ’19, where she had dragged one of her babies (Birthday) onto the road. A call for help, signalling she wasn‘t able to care for them alone.

Ryan and a bunch of volunteers went on the rescue mission. Her 6 pups were found hidden in a pipe. One by one Ryan pulled each of the adorable babies out. Later on they were named by our followers: Plum, Birthday, Pirate, Phil, Pattie and Gus. Carmen was not so easy to catch! It took several attempts and a lot of patience, but finally we were able to bring the whole family home to Pete’s Mission, where they are now well protected and taken care of.

As with every new puppy litter we bring in, Peanut decided to give Carmen a break from motherhood and took over as the loving aunt. After a few weeks the pups were taken to the local vet to receive their vaccinations and later on they’ll all be sterilized. This is our standard procedure with every puppy litter we rescue. The costs for a vaccination is 25 AUD, a sterilisation costs 75 AUD, any donations helping us to cover these costs will be highly appreciated.

[Edit February 2020: Pirate, Pattie, Phil and Gus have been happily adopted by now. Carmen and Birthday became loyal partners in crime. Plum turned into a very affectionate and attention-loving cuddle buddy. All three are waiting to be adopted.]


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