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We rescued 9 pigs from slaughter!

This is a milestone for Petes Mission.

These beautiful 9 pigs were offered online for sale at the age of 6 months old either dead and cut up or alive and ready for slaughter. Sold like nothing more than a product. Unfortunatly people nowadays are conditioned to believe buying, cooking and eating another living being’s body parts is an acceptable and healthy thing to do.

We are over the moon to announce that we rescued all 9 pigs.

Locals and tourists joined together with our amazing volunteers to build a bamboo-fenced area for our new family members.

Pigs have highly individualised personalities and preferences. Changing people’s perception of animals and recognizing them as autonomous beings, each with their own unique character is perhabs the biggest challenge the vegan and animal rights movement faces. This is one of many steps needed in order to raise awareness for the voiceless.

We would like to introduce to you: Garbanzo, Split Pea, Oatmeal, Adzuki, Chickpea, Long bean, Nacho, Lentil and Pinto … who will live out their natural lives at Pete’s Mission and never end up as somebody’s breakfast.

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