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Pickle: Adopted 😀

Pickle was left in a box at a temple in November 2019. Ryan was contacted and so Pickle moved into Pete’s Mission, initially into Ryan’s bedroom as he got acclimatised to his new home. He then became the roomie of volunteers. He was the tiniest, cutest of puppies. He grew bolder and initially spent a lot of time both with his fellow roommates, Mr Merkle, our bull terrier and Miss Pod. He got bigger, bolder and cheekier never losing his cuteness
He thrived on his plant-based food.

He was adopted on Saturday 25th April, a day after Moose and by the same family. He was so happy to be reunited with his friend, Mr Moose. Once again another beautiful soul who came to share time at Pete’s Mission, won our hearts and to whom we wish the happiness he deserves. Chok Di little fellow 🙂




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