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Broken leg recovery: Moose’s story

Mr Moose came to Pete’s Mission in November 2018. He’d been run over and where he lived they weren’t able to care for him. He underwent an operation and a steel pin was inserted into his back leg. This has left him with a permanent limp which doesn’t hinder him at all.
After the operation he had a really hard time as he had to have a considerable amount of time confined to his cage to allow healing to take place. He was very good and comfortable with the volunteers who would gently take him out of his temporary home for poo and pee breaks, and cuddles (of course).
It paid off and eventually he was able to join the other members of the pack.
Cheewit from the disabled Mafia team took exception to him and would keep barking at him….whilst Moose sagely ignored him. A different story with Pecan who really loved him and they spent time snuggled up together 🥰

Moose is a real character and he took it upon himself to lead the early morning chorus …😊

The day came on Friday 24 th April 2020 when it was his turn to be adopted, having been looked over on other occasions. He’ll be such a welcome addition to the local family who have adopted him.

We miss him at Pete’s Mission and wish him happiness in his new home.

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