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Adopted after almost 2 years: Duda

In September 2018 Duda had been dumped as a puppy along with her mum and siblings, left inside a small box at a temple. They all joined Pete’s Mission Mumma Mirna and 2 of Duda‘s siblings were adopted soon after, whilst herself and sister Shirley remained at the shelter. They were overseen by potential adopters again and again and became long-term residents, as they witnessed other dogs come and go.

Some of Duda’s favourite day-to-day activities during the past years were:
  • naptime inside one of the many unlocked cages on the property
  • being all humble & sweet until it’s time to defend her foodbowl with evil growls
  • accompanying best friend Chloe and sister Shirley
  • occasionally breaking out to explore the dirty, nearby ponds
  • hiding from all potential trouble in the disabled pen, meanwhile getting voluntarily beaten up by Peanut
  • using the outside sink as a step in order to jump inside the house and observe what her human friends are up to

The 10th of May was a special day for our girl Duda, it was time to move into her new found home.
It was a bittersweet goodbye, as she’ll be missed terribly at Pete’s Mission.
But having found a beautiful, safe home for her fills us all with joy and luckily she hasn’t moved too far for us to visit.


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