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Our beloved senior resident: Mr Merkle 🌟

Merkle, a bull terrier, came under Ryan’s care in April 2018. He was a very well loved pet until his owner became ill and sadly died.
Initially Merkle was up for adoption but when it became apparent that he had many health issues, it looks like he’ll be a long term resident at Pete’s Mission.

He’s a delightful dog. He’s like a solid rock… immovable when he chooses. A bit tricky when he decides to share a single bed with a volunteer! He’s obstinate, funny, loveable and a star 🌟.

He particularly loves playing with Ewok who brings out the energetic, playful side of Merkle. Many of the other pups like to snuggle up to Merkle giving him kisses. Pickle and Pod as little puppies were his roommates at one stage, giving them an extra sense of security.  He likes to plonk himself in the most unlikely places … whether that’s on a pile of blankets in a laundry basket, in a seemingly too small kennel, onto a human’s bed or simply as a doorstop. He’s always up for a pat, a stroke, a kiss and a cuddle.

Merkle does love a good road trip in Ryan’s sidecar and is also blissed out when being driven around the premises in a motorbike.

Ryan looks after Merkle whether it’s to regularly clean out his eyes, keep an eye on his medical conditions or to let him in or out the house as and when Merkle chooses, such as in the early hours. He likes to go out for awhile and then makes it loudly known he wants to come back in. Not a dog to be ignored!

A lovely soul enjoying his retirement years at Pete’s Mission.

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