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Scout And Ryan

Scouty’s Road to Recovery

We found Scout one early morning in May 2019 whilst being on an outreach mission. Scoutโ€™s owner at the time approached us mentioning his dog had โ€œitchy skinโ€ and led us to a concreted area, surrounded by metal fencing, in…

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Update #8 – Bob

Update On Bob!! Bob was in terrible condition (Mange) and stumbling through the busy streets of Pai looking for someone to help him, someone to love him. I was previously aware of Bob and had begun treatment in his village.…

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Update #4 – Mange case

This poor guy to has demodicosis or demodectic mange. This condition is all to common and is part of a viscous cycle of abandonment, isolation, irritation and infection. Yesterday we took a trip down the vet for medication and sound…

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