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Scouty’s Road to Recovery

We found Scout one early morning in May 2019 whilst being on an outreach mission.
Scout’s owner at the time approached us mentioning his dog had “itchy skin” and led us to a concreted area, surrounded by metal fencing, in which Scout was sitting.

The whole team was in shock, as the state of Scout was heartbreaking. Not only did she have huge missing patches of fur and mangy skin but she appeared faceless as her face was just one big wound covered in maggots. At that point in time we didn’t know if she even had eyes left or if she would ever be able to see again. Even though she was a young dog, you could tell that she had almost given up on life. Little to no energy was left in her small and broken body. She seemed to know she needed help, as she never tried to resist.


After bringing her to Pete’s Mission, giving her a bath and treating her wounds her condition slowly started to improve. A few weeks passed until we were able to introduce her to the other dogs and her character began to shine through. She immediately turned into the cheekiest and most playful pup out of them all. Over the period of the next couple of months her skin healed and her fur completely regrew. All that’s left is a slightly scarred face and eye. If someone had shown me a picture of Scout from when we found her I would not have believed them that this is the same dog.


Sometimes I have to remind myself when watching Scout today where she came from and what condition she has been in. Her recovery has been remarkable and uplifting. Right now, 8 months after we rescued her, Scout has completely healed. She is a happy and healthy pup waiting to find her forever home.

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