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Scout and Ryan

Scouty’s Road to Recovery

We found Scout one early morning in May 2019 whilst being on an outreach mission. Scout’s owner at the time approached us mentioning his dog had “itchy skin” and led us to a concreted area, surrounded by metal fencing, in…

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kisses for Gill

Senior Pumpkin’s recovery

Rarely does it happen, that Ryan has a day off  the Mission. When he does, the injured dogs find him. In November 2019 he visited Lod Cave and that's where Pumpkin approached him. Severely injured with a gaping wound behind…

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Tua Dam during therapy

Tua Dam is back on her feet!

Tua Dam's Story Tua Dam ('black bean') is a street dog found in April 2019 by a caring local that immediately contacted us. Upon arrival we found her unable to walk, dehydrated, emaciated and wounded. Her eyes had turned completely…

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