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Cowboy: latest member of the wheelchair mafia

Cowboy is the latest addition to the wheel chair mafia and has a pretty unique background story. After a local friend spotted the injured dog, they informed Ryan who then drove all the way into the deep mountains in order to collect said dog. Poor Cowboy had been shot in the spine which he was very lucky to survive. However, it caused his back legs to be fully paralysed. Just the thought of someone making the active choice to shoot a free roaming dog to then leave him behind badly injured is incredibly disturbing. But luckily thanks to our outreach program dogs like Cowboy are not forgotten.

We are not sure for how long he had been surviving by dragging himself through the jungle or where he used to live before the attack. All we know is by the time Ryan rescued him, his paws where badly damaged from all the dragging. Cowboy really isn’t one to lie around in the sun all day, he’s an active boy!

After arriving at Pete’s Mission, Cowboy moved into a separate special care unit joining paralysed buddy Jackman. Long-term volunteer Meg took thorough care of his wounds. Day by day his paws healed and soon he was able to try his first wheelchair run. It didn’t take long for Cowboy to get the hang of it. By now he loves it so much that seeing someone holding his wheelchair is enough for him to go crazy, wiggle and move around and chew on everything in reach… which makes it a real challenge to put him into that chair every day.

Spending time with Cowboy will, without fail, always put a smile on your face and is very inspiring. His disability doesn’t stop him from being the goofiest and most puppy-like grown up resident at Pete’s Mission. Curious, playful and full of energy.
We’re so thankful we found him.

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