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Tua Dam is back on her feet!

Tua Dam’s Story

Tua Dam (‘black bean’) is a street dog found in April 2019 by a caring local that immediately contacted us. Upon arrival we found her unable to walk, dehydrated, emaciated and wounded. Her eyes had turned completely red, she was going blind and shaking with fear. Her condition was so bad that she had turned to self-mutilation out of frustration. Blood tests confirmed our suspicions that she had a blood parasite (ehrlichia-canis). In advanced stages this can cause an infection in the spinal column leading to paralysis.

Her Recovery

We immediately began appropriate treatment and slowly but surely she improved. Her eyes returned to normal, her wounds healed and Tua Dam started to move her back legs. Her full recovery was extremely slow and her chances of walking grew smaller and smaller with each day that passed… However, thanks to our proactive and motivated group of volunteers her therapy was intensified. After several months of therapy and special care she regained strength in her legs. Then on one special morning we found her walking on both legs. We were all overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling of accomplishment. Tua Dam has been sent back to her crew of street dogs, where she’s running free, causing mayhem and being fed by a caring local.

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