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CTVT – Treatment 🐕

Here are two examples of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour (CTVT) - a common disease amongst free roaming dogs. CTVT is highly infectious and generally presents on the genitals of both males and females. "The Beast" was showing CTVT-symtoms on his…

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kisses for Gill

Senior Pumpkin’s recovery

Rarely does it happen, that Ryan has a day offย  the Mission. When he does, the injured dogs find him. In November 2019 he visited Lod Cave and that's where Pumpkin approached him. Severely injured with a gaping wound behind…

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Tua Dam during therapy

Tua Dam is back on her feet!

Tua Dam's Story Tua Dam ('black bean') is a street dog found in April 2019 by a caring local that immediately contacted us. Upon arrival we found her unable to walk, dehydrated, emaciated and wounded. Her eyes had turned completely…

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