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Caught in a wire snare trap – Annie ⛓

If you follow Pete’s Mission or Ryan on Facebook, you might have already heard of Annie.

Three weeks ago we were contacted by locals who told him about Annie. She had gotten caught in a wire snare trap. Unfortunately these sort of traps are quite common within the area.
Annie arrived at Pete’s Mission with severe cuts covering her neck. She is a sweet soul and luckily she came to the right place.
Her wounds healed in record speed.

However it turned out Annie also has a cancer called Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour (CTVT), which is treatable.
After she’s had time to recover from her open wounds Annie returned to her old village and a small cafe watches over her now.
We will visit her regularly and facilitate her chemotherapy, like we’ve done with countless other street animals. #💚


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