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The heartwarming story of paralysed pup Princess

Princess Chao Ying came to us in January 2020.

Suffering from a bloodparasite she had lost the ability to move her legs. Ryan had to carry her in a bag into the volunteer’s house. Seeing her lying helpless on the floor was heartbreaking. And even though she couldn’t move her body or legs she still greeted us with a happy tailwag. Needless to say it only took seconds for us volunteers to fall in love with her precious and uplifting character.

Princess received medical treatment and fulltime special care (even at night as volunteer Felice slept next to her).
Within weeks she was back on her feet, stumbling around our front yard looking for dog-/or human pals.

We documented every step ( literally) of Chao Ying‘s journey so please make sure to click the link below and watch her uplifting story.

Click here to her full story

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