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Be’s journey – from paralysed hind legs to fully mobile

A temple dog we named Be came into our lives when she contracted a blood parasite leaving her with 2 paralysed back legs.

Luckily we had enough volunteers to be able to give her regular therapy throughout the day and then she stayed with me, Gill, at night. This enabled her to receive more security and treatment at night too.

She was very fearful when she arrived and was crying the first night until I moved her to sleep next to me and she calmed down.

The therapy was coupled with medication and she made progress and how! We were so delighted when she could first stand with our help, then unaided and then her first tottering steps. From there it was a short time before she could walk more confidently and then she could get herself up from squatting to standing and walking ( and wagging her little tail).

Next step was introducing her to the other dogs and then when Ryan felt she was strong enough, we took her home to her temple where she was greeted enthusiastically by dogs and monks alike.

Great teamwork from Caruna, the vet, Ryan and his volis

We visited her since and each time been greeted by her trotting over to us, wagging her tail.




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