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Jackman – our Houdini Dog!

Ryan got a call out in August 2019 to say that late the previous night, a dog had been run over, the vehicle failed to stop and the dog was still there, injured, in pain, alone, in the gutter. Ryan found the poor dog, frightened and paralysed. He wasn’t easy to rescue due to his level of fear.

It was clear that he was too vulnerable to come into the main area with the other dogs and so a separate enclosure was constructed for him. He was very afraid and wary of everyone so treating him was a challenge. Bit by bit he learned to trust ..a little .. and then to allow people to stroke him and eventually let Meg ( a long term volunteer) and then Felice who was on her 3rd volunteer trip to Pete’s Mission to treat his wounds.

Houdini Dog? Why this name?

Coming back from a break Gill, another long term voli, saw Jackman out and about having somehow got out from his enclosure. He looked delighted with himself (he is a handsome boy 😊). However as he only had use of his front legs, he was running around dragging his back legs along behind him across rough terrain.

He became distressed at our attempts to put him back and bit Ryan ( badly), not for the first time. With patience we were able to encourage him back into a portable kennel and gently lift him back into his run.

Houdini dog made several getaways over the next few months, deviously thwarting each of Ryan’s efforts to repair, secure and build the fence higher!

We’ve been working towards our goal of getting him both in a wheelchair and use of all 4 legs. 

We’re making progress:

  1.  Caressing him.
  2.  Allowing people to treat his wounds
  3. Encouraging him into the portable kennel to move him
  4. Allowing Felice and Laura (together) to put a support strap under him and to walk with him.
  5. Put a harness on him ( very occasionally).
  6. Allows Ryan to caress him.
  7. Allows Gill to use support strap with little food enticement.
  8. Accepts therapy to help strengthen and mobilise his legs.
  9. Gill to pick him up (occasionally).

Little by little we’re working to get him mobile. He’s a well loved, great guy well worthy of all our efforts and patience.

He’s still devious and works out ways to come out and about!

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