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Update #8 – Bob

Update On Bob!!

Bob was in terrible condition (Mange) and stumbling through the busy streets of Pai looking for someone to help him, someone to love him. I was previously aware of Bob and had begun treatment in his village. When he started wandering far from home he became a danger to himself and a nuisance for business owners.

Poor Bob couldn’t understand why nobody wanted to touch him and why he was being chased away. I received a call in the evening asking for my help after he found himself in the middle of the busy walking street market. He was so happy when I arrived to pick him up, he happily jumped on the side cart and stood proudly as if he was finally going home.

I decided then to take him in. His progress so far in both appearance and behavior is incredible. Bob joins the crew for work during the day and happily rests in the shade while a place to care for his friends is planned around him. Good food, medical care and love and attention does the trick.

Thank you to everyone for your on going support. More animals like Bob can get help sooner when the new Pete’s Mission is functional.

Please stay tuned for more exciting updates and help get this goal reached.

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