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Welcome home, Cha-lom! 🐎

This year started with a very special event for us, as we were able to rescue Cha-lom.
Cha-lom retired from the tourism industry. He has found sanctuary with us at Pete’s Mission where he’ll never be exploited again.

What’s most exciting is that our resident horse Chok has not seen another horse in many years.
A friend of his own kind is the greatest gift we could give him.

The good news: Chock and Cha-lom are now inseperable.

However, initially ther was a frightening fight. Thanks to some great team work we seperated them before Cha-lom was badly injured.
They spoke to eachother all that night from distant paddocks and in the morning their dispute was settled.
A freedom we all share is the opportunity to interact with our own kind.

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