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Hug found a loving home

In December 2019 we found the perfect home for our special, little guy Hug.

His adoption was a particularly heartwarming moment for the whole team, as Hug has had a tough start in life.

Hug had been living almost his entire life chained up, like so many other dogs in Thailand. It’s not unlikely that ever since he was a puppy, he has never experienced freedom.

After seeing Hug in his living conditions, Ryan had been trying to convince the owners to set him free with no success. One morning in September 2019 Ryan was able to take Hug to the sanctuary, after he had broken up a dog fight between Hug and another dog that had left the two of them tangled up and wounded. From then on Hug stayed at Pete’s Mission and loved the new freedom that came with it.

Knowing Hug has found a home is incredibly uplifting.

It truly is a perfect match.

He’s safe, healthy and loved.


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