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Meet Richie – newest member of the wheelchair crew 🚀

Please meet “Richie”, the newest member of our wheelchair mafia.
Richie was hit by a car in a nearby town called Wat Jan over 3 months ago.
Since then she’s sustained nasty wounds to her lower body from dragging her paralysed legs.
After contacting Ryan some kind people drove Richie to the sanctuary in July.

At first she seemed overwhelmed and escaped her separated welcome-enclosure to hide under the house for a while. But after a day she decided it was time to come out of her hidden spot and meet everyone – and she fit right in.
She’s a very gentle girl and as soon as she met our other paralysed dogs, her personalityย  began to shine through.
Richie loves the others, but especially formed a bond with Cowboy. She seems to see a goofy, big brother in him.
Together they roam the sanctuary in their wheelchairs.



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