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In memory of Leslie 💚

After a life of neglect, our sweet old girl Leslie lost her battle against time.
It became clear she was dying, she couldn’t walk and refused to eat.
But, as we drove toward the clinic with the wind in her face and the sun on her back I knew this was not quite her time.

Leslie lived for another 4 days in the caring hands of 2 amazing nurses Isabelle & Caro that tended to her every need. In life she was a generic and forgotten street dog but in death she will be etched in the memory of more friends than she could ever have hoped for… We love you old girl ❤️

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  1. While I realise your heart is in the right place, leaving an animal who you know is dying and who cannot eat or walk to die slowly over several days because you believe it is “not quite her time” is not humane. It is prolonging needless suffering. Please reconsider your stance on this for future animals.

    1. Hi Claire, this is Felice, a longterm volunteer at Pete’s Mission. Thank you for your comment on this post. While I understand your concern I want to reassure you that here at Pete’s Mission we certainly don’t prolong needless suffering of animals. Leslie stayed with us at the sanctuary for about a week in total and every decision we made was well thought through, doublechecked with the local vets and 100% taking Leslies quality of life into account. She received more love in her final days than probably in her entire life as a Thai street dog. Sometimes it is difficult to judge a the full story based on a blog-/instagram-/ or facebook post. Anyways, I want to thank you for reading and caring … Felice

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