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Mot Gaew and Bua Thong 🐽

If you remember the story of Beatrice and the piglets, here is the long overdue update for you.
As you know little Mot Gaew had a rough start to life. In total he needed 3 surgeries to correct his Gastro-intestinal issues and had to go through this as a particulary weak baby without his mother. It was tough and at times we honestly weren’t confident that he would make it through.

Thanks to Beatrice and later on our volunteers endless love and care he made it through these very difficult times. After his full recovery little Mot Gaew finally caught up to his brother Bua Thong in size, appetite and confidence. Even though they are brothers their personality couldn’t be more different. Mot Gaew is a sweet soul, a little shy towards humans at first but very loving, determined and strong. Bua Thong on the other hand plays the role of his silly and curious big brother. He gets very protective of Mot Gaew. We are so happy to see them both finally living the happy and healthy life in pig paradise they deserve.

Their joy should remind us all that their flesh and bones are not food.

A pig, is a pug, is a dog, is a boy.

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