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Treatment for precious Kra-tong 🐃

Meet the beautiful baby water buffalo Kra-tong who was living with her herd when she unfortunately developed some rather severe symptoms. She suffered genital fly-strike (maggot infestation) leading to rectal prolapse. On the back of a pickup truck under the guidance of our amazing doctor, we put her back together. To ensure she’s healing properly and to continue treatment, she stayed with us for a short while. She is such a gentle, precious being and during her time spent at Pete’s Mission, she attached herself to me and was happy to have company of our 🐖 & 🐔 – crew.

However, soon enough she was well enough to be reunited with her mother. The moment Kra-tong found her mum  in the herd was beautiful for all of us to witness. Please let us remember that a mother’s milk is for her baby and for her baby only.


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